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2 February, 2018

Bearing Off

Posted in : Online Casino on by : Grace Rice

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As soon as a player has all of his on his home board, he may begin to bear them off. Usually his only con¬cern is to get his men off as quickly as possible.

If he rolls a 4-2 and he has a man on the 4 point and one on the 2 point, he simply takes one from each point and removes them from the board. These men are now out of the game. Sometimes a player will roll a number that corresponds to an empty point; that is, there is no man to take off on the corresponding point. In this case, he may do one of two things

White has ten men left, and he rolls a 4-1. A piece can be taken off the 1 point, but there is no man on the 4 point. White instead moves a man from point 5 to point l.the 1 point and then takes one off the 5 point. The rule is: when bearing off, if a player rolls a number that is higher than any point where there is a man on the board, he may take a man off the highest numbered point.

Sometimes, it won’t be as easy as it sounds. If a player’s opponent has one or more men on his board or on his bar, he may find it quite difficult to bear off safely. He may leave a blot (sometimes unavoidable), and if hit, he may lose the game. Much care must be exercised. Perhaps in the interest of safety, a player won’t take a man off for two or three rolls.

Then, white plays safe by moving both checkers on his 5 points to his 3 and 1 points. (He doesn’t have to take men off.) This move results in the position Now, no number can hurt white, and if black re-enters, white will be safe since he can no longer be hit.

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